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“Kiran is a wise and generous mentor. His advice to the Powerzoa team throughout the Clean Tech Open Competition has been invaluable and his communication style is warm, action-oriented and highly diplomatic. In addition to articulating a clear vision of the steps necessary to bring a product to market and a start-up to success, Kiran also possesses the grit, diligence and commitment to sustainability that this world needs. He has never failed to impress with his up to the minute information about the energy efficiency industry and I would consider him an asset to any team.” --- August 1st, 2009

Sandra Kwak, Founder, Powerzoa.

“I had the pleasure to work with Kiran on a very complex billing solution for marine terminal operations. He accompanied me on a trip to the Port of LA where we interviewed actual potential users of the system and used that information in our many design discussions. He was very easy to work with and we were finally able to "brainstorm" a solution that worked for the engineering team, as well as the final end users.” --- November 12, 2008

Bennett Lauber , Director, Usability Engineering , Navis LLC

“Kiran performed critically valuable contract work for JobFlash during 2002 & 2003. His energy, intelligence and can-do attitude gave our company a big boost early on when it made a tremendous difference. Kiran over-delivered in both time and work product, showing tangible results right from the start. His sense of humor and friendly disposition didn't hurt. It was a pleasure to work with him.” --- April 12, 2004

Neil Shea, VP Product Development, JobFlash Inc.

“From my experience of working with Kiran, I found he was enthusiastic and passionate about the products he managed. His MRDs were key resources of information. Kiran brought energy to the work place and was a pleasure to work with.” --- October 30, 2008

Benjamin Jimenez , Technical Writer , PointBase

“While I was VP at NAAAP-SF, Kiran mentored me and other NAAAP volunteers. He is a strong supporter of our professional development programs, and he attended nearly all of our events. It is rare to see Board Members at events, and the fact that Kiran makes time to be there speaks volumes. He has many connections and has done a fantastic job of introducing me to potential partners and speakers. If needed, he does help out at our events as his priority is NAAAP-SF's success. I truly feel that he is one of the few board members who is on the board because of his passion for the organization and not because of the title. Although he is Chairman of the Board, he is very approachable and responsive, and I do not hesitate to contact him if I have problems or questions. Because of his experience, I would often go to him to bounce ideas as I value his opinion. I would not have been as successful in my role, if not for Kiran. I appreciate all he's done for us, and it is because of Kiran that I decided to volunteer NAAAP-SF.” --- November 19, 2008

Kathy Doan , Vice President, Program Development , NAAAP-SF

“Kiran is very adept in marketing. We have worked on many different projects together for over 4 years and he continues to prove his talent in everything he creates. I respect and trust Kiran with any project.” --- August 17, 2005

Anne Marie Penaranda- Hernandez , Financial Consultant , Smith Barney

“Kiran is a very dynamic leader. A very knowledgeable financial and marketing consultant. His passion for entrpreneurship is very contagious. Kiran is definitely a source to be taken advantage of.” --- August 18, 2005

Isaac Kama

“Kiran is one of the most patient and polite associates I've had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he very dedicated, but also posseses a creative mind. A trustworthy friend. Thinks positively & efficiently.” --- August 17, 2005

Anastasia Luu , Sr. Area Mortgage Consultant , World Savings & Loan

“Kiran has amazing talent and awesome managment skills. We worked together on a national marketing campaign. Not only was he a joy to work with but we would not have had such great results without his help!” --- August 17, 2005

Melanie Sit