Kiran Jethwa


Phone: (650) 465-7411

Product Life Cycle
My Expertise
Concept Phase
  • Take products from concept to launch
  • Define company / product vision and mission
  • Manage products at early stage startups and grow products aligned with company vision.
  • Create business plans, executive summary and elevator pitch.
    • Identify customer problem, market opportunity and industry dynamics. Define product strategy, pricing strategy, sales strategy, promotion strategy, development strategy, growth strategy, financial projections, competitive analysis and exit strategy.
  • Large network of investors. Present business ideas to Angel Investors and Venture Capital companies.
  • Market research: market sizing, market segmentation and competitive analysis.
  • In-depth research on Clean / Green Tech industries including Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Green Buildings, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Carbon Accounting & Trade and Electric Cars.
Product Strategy
  • Market research, gather customer requirements, create market requirement documents (MRDs) and prototypes.
  • Technical savvy to make Buy vs Build vs Partner decisions.
  • Define, drive and execute product strategy by interfacing with customers, executive staff, sales, engineering, support, QA and documentation.
  • Conduct usability studies and run beta programs.
  • Turn products around and increase customer base.
  • Work with Fortune 500 customers, SMBs and startups.
  • Manage products in B2B as well as B2C domains. Industries with prior experience include:
    Supply Chain, Demand Chain & Maritime Logistics, CRM, Enterprise Mobility, ERM, FSA, Marketing Automation, SFA, Speech Applications, RDBMS, SOA & Web Services, , Event Management, Online Travel Insurance, Web 2.0, EDA, Computer Systems and Hardware Test Vector Simulation.
Product Development
  • Implement Agile / Scrum product development process. Implementation of structured yet flexible product development process results in delivery of quality products in a timely, strategic and well-planned manner. The results also include well-defined product roadmaps, managed customer/sales expectations, reduction of feature creep and well-defined product direction for engineers.
  • Interact with engineers at a technical level.
  • Hands-on development experience of complex software. In-depth understanding of Java, J2EE, SOA, Web Services, JSP, EAI, VoiceXML, User Interfaces, XML, HTML and SQL. Familiarity with JPF, JSF, Beehive, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and PHP.
  • Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) issues.
  • Identify and resolve problems in product development process.
  • Manage geographically dispersed and offshore development teams.
  • Strategies for Disaster Recovery and Decision Support Systems.
  • Instill cradle-to-cradle mindset.
  • Market segmentation, product positioning, pricing, branding, competitive analysis and sales/channel management.
  • Define and implement PR, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing and Lead Generation programs.
  • Create marketing collateral including datasheets / brochures, product roadmaps, presentations, website updates, pricing, case studies, white papers, press releases, website content, feature / benefits, sales/channel training and sales scripts.
  • Define and develop demos, for different vertical markets, using leading-edge technologies.
  • Monitor and analyze competitors, partners, and industry / customer trends.
  • Present to CXO level audiences and large audiences.Evangelize products at trade shows, conferences, seminars, Web seminars and user groups.
  • Manage channels and customers internationally, especially Japan and Europe.
Maintenance Phase
  • Manage multiple releases of multiple products at the same time.
  • Manage SDK / API products to help create an eco-system around the core product.
  • Manage customer & channel review meetings.
  • Turn products around, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, increased customer base and quicker response to customer issues.
End of Life
  • Define upward and backward compatibility
  • Define a transition path and process, with impact analysis, for customers
  • Manage products to help customers transition from competitive products